Our Speakers

Rob Garlick

Citi Global Insights

Managing Director, Head of Innovation, Technology and Future of Work

The Future of Work: How to Foster a Digital Culture Capable of Driving Transformation

  • How tech is changing the future of work?
  • What we need to do about that given EX drives CX?
  • Aligning Leadership and Culture for Digital Future
Rob Garlick Photo Citi Global Insights Logo

Alexey Kapustin

Raiffeisen Digital Bank AG


Raiffeisen Digital Bank AG: building a new cloud-native digital bank from scratch as an alternative to evolutionary digital transformation for an established multi-market traditional banking group

  • Innovative personal loan process for NTB customers leveraging modern data & regulatory trends
  • Leveraging zero-party-data to personalize daily banking products
  • Practical considerations of building, developing and running the ECB regulated digital cross-border bank within EU enviro
Alexey Kapustin Photo Raiffeisen Digital Bank AG Logo

Philippe Knepfler

Covéa Affinity

Chief Innovation Officer, Head of Business Development

Innovation in embedded insurance: an ecosystem approach.

  • The reasons behind the fantastic growth of the embedded insurance market.
  • Partner's expectations.
  • The key role of technology.
  • The importance of an ecosystem approach.
  • How to build and manage an ecosystem?
Philippe Knepfler  Photo Covéa Affinity Logo

Ozan Atağ


Vice President, Digital Product and Service Design

Disruptive Assistant Solutions Leveraging AI in Finance

  • The financial industry operates within an environment driven by excellence and intense competition. AI has become a driving force, revolutionizing the way customer interact with their financial institutions.
  • Nowadays, this communication model continues to deepen as in human communication. In order to deepen the communication between users and AI-based assistants, assistants need to develop with technologies that are more empathetic, can touch the user when needed, and can be with the user in their daily life.
  • For this reason, creating a disruptive difference in the financial industry with assistants requires producing smart and proactive solutions and being there for users in their needs beyond banking.
  • Let’s discover transformative impacts of AI based assistants on digital banking, uncovering benefits and the promising future holds for both customers and financial institutions alike.
Ozan Atağ Photo Akbank Logo

Jan Veldsink


Strategic AI Advisor

AI is a matter of embracing complexity

  • What are the AI hurdles and how to overcome them?
  • What ethical and practical hurdles are there in implementing AI?
Jan Veldsink Photo Rabobank Logo

Jose Luis Navarro Llorens


Head of Open Banking Strategy

The rise and shine for Embedded Finance

  • Open Banking and Open Finance...and Open data?
  • Opportunities, why the hype about embedded finance?
  • Challenges, why embedded finance grows slower than expected?
  • What to expect in coming years for embedded finance
Jose Luis Navarro Llorens Photo BBVA Logo
The BFSI sector is profoundly transforming, driven by rapid digitization and shifting business landscapes. Technology leaders are actively seeking comprehensive strategies to outpace competitors and enhance resilience. Customer-centricity, process automation, and data security remain top priorities. Get ready for an exciting journey where leading technology and innovation leaders gather. This exclusive event offers insights, case studies, dynamic panels, and interactive sessions.